Company Overview

Company overview

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aVinci Cloud is an artfully constructed IP/MPLS network with points in major hubs throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas. Many of our locations are directly connected resulting in a higher quality, lower latency experience for all of your Internet traffic. We offer a wide range of services from basic hosting to custom networks and Content Delivery Solutions.

Our team has broad experience with fiber, wireless, satellite and a variety of applications like IPTV,
broadcast, maritime and government security solutions.

We typically deploy state-of-the-art Cisco gear with dedicated server and Citrix XenServer alternatives
to best match your needs with the most economical solution. As a customer oriented company, we offer
a variety of customized solutions where you can deploy and manage your own hardware and software,
should this be a necessary part of your network requirement.

We believe our quality network, personalized customer care and the knowledge and flexibility to offer
standard and customized solutions make us a better choice than the large providers.

If you value quality, white glove service and working with a company that values each and every
customer, please consider us when evaluating your network requirements.

Our mission and vision at  daVinci Cloud is to innovatively manage and develop new technologies, provide society with excellent and reliable products at reasonable prices in a timely manner, and contribute to the building of excellent infrastructures - thereby creating a “chain of happiness” that people will sense and enjoy.

We have established and implemented the following management policy to ensure that we maintain our focus and realize our above mentioned mission and vision.

  • To be a business entity with stable and sustainable operations.
  • To be a group that retains advanced and excellent engineers.
  • To be an organization that responds promptly and precisely to the rapidly changing needs of our customers.
  • To assure and maintain external channels for a constant inflow of advanced technologies.

We believe that the support of the three groups of “customers,” “shareholders and other stakeholders” and “employees” is essential for the development of a corporation.  Not only is it important to satisfy the needs of each of these groups but to also attain appropriate profits, and assure the retention and continuity of the company with activities that are not opposed to or by society as a whole.  In particular, we place the utmost priority on “what services should we provide that will satisfy our customers, ” as customers are the source of our profit.  To realize this, we must provide customers with reliable and stable services in both a continuous and quick manner.  Based on this belief, we established the following four items to be pursued as our management policy.

In practice, we pursue these items by integrating every individual technology component to create solutions, and by providing those solutions to our customers.  Moreover, we focus our operations on the three business areas - the existing two vertical-integration-oriented areas (where we follow a limited market business model to provide services for limited market segments) and the horizontal-deployment-oriented security area.

Specifically, these areas are encompassed in:

  • Unified communications solutions
  • Managed Network and Colo solutions
  • Cloud-based and virtualization solutions

Furthermore, we are striving to make a further leap forward by proactively working to expand into the anti-crime software market, which is expected to experience significant growth, especially in the information security area.  We have positioned the organization of our system for this business and established a more stable profit structure.  We ask for your continued understanding and patronage as we remain steadfastly committed to being a company in which you place your trust and expectations.


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