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daVinci deploys end-to-end turnkey solutions that enable cable TV operators, terrestrial broadcasters, satellite operators and content provides to gain a competitive edge and enhanced revenue streams with innovative value added services and cost-effective solutions. Taking advantages of new generation mobile communication technology, our solutions help generate additional revenue by offering synchronized video experience to mobile service subscribers.

Broadcasters now require multi-service networks that support standard voice and data services, as well as media contribution and distribution. In the past, this requirement has been satisfied in an inefficient manner, utilizing multiple infrastructures, each with its own separate support system. Consolidating all services onto one platform can greatly enhance financial and operational efficiencies.

We can help you to :

  • Generate additional revenue and raise customer value by providing a variety of value added services that satisfy the functional needs and lifestyle of your customers
  • Allow better operation efficiency with effective network monitoring and management
  • Maximize return on investment by deploying optimized solutions with high flexibility and scalability
  • Support innovative business models for your new revenue streams and customer base
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