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Global MPLS Network:


n this age of fierce competition businesses have to constantly re-evaluate and streamline their models in order to be faster and more efficient than their rivals. In a world of instantaneous financial transactions the significance of a millisecond delay is stretched far beyond its conventional significance: it can now mean buying/selling before your competition, at the needed price, or missing out on a critical opportunity.
Stacking up over numerous daily transactions, multiple employees or the multitude of operations performed by automated trading  platforms a millisecond delay on each action can accumulate to significant overall setbacks for the system. This results in substantial financial losses arising from missed opportunities and over-all decrease in the average number of operations for any given working day.
Over many years in business daVinci Cloud has honed its expertise in minimizing delay using a variety of methods optimally suited to the preferences of individual clients.

Our proprietary MPLS network is highly adaptive and provides a rocksolid
foundation upon which over a thousand clients have constructed their services. Our network is fully capable of maintaining platforms requiring complex transport and hosting services such as Cloud Networks and Content Delivery Networks. Cloud applications benefit from our wide geographic coverage allowing parallel  hosting in a number of key location that contributing to a faster and smoother global service.

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Peering points AMS IX, LINX, DECIX, MSK -IX, Equinix, Telx, NYIX and HK-IX


Access Points in  Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Zurich, Paris, London, Moscow, Hong Kong, Nicosia, New York (NY), Washington DC),Los Angeles (CA), Seoul,Singapore.

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