Cloud solution for Satellite providers / Cloud Bandwidth Optimization

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Satellite Cloud solutions / Cloud Satellite Bandwidth Optimization


Many applications have high bandwidth requirements and tend to time out when
latency is too high. Research has shown that additional bandwidth is not
automatically the remedy for this. This degradation in transmission quality,
if due to inherent latency in network design (too many or poor quality
connections, less than ideal Internet connection points, etc.) will persist,
even if bandwidth is increased. As well, increasing bandwidth in certain
segments may not correct the problem if the bottleneck is in other
locations. Additionally,  utilizing bandwidth augmentation to overcoming
latency issues, can drive costs to unreasonable levels.

Transmissions with satellite links can be challenging when running IT
applications. Although satellite carriers have employed a variety of direct
connections to earth stations, MPLS networks and forward error correction
technologies, latency in geosynchronous satellite usage will inherently add
latency to the link. In some cases, newer low earth and medium earth orbit
satellites can significantly lessen this issue.

With a strong background in Satellite and network communications, daVinci can optimize
transmission requirements when these satellite links are required or

  • Readily available connectivity
  • Centralized hosting with secure access anytime from any location
  • Access to daVinci’s 24/7 NOC
  • Support & Bandwidth Management Solutions (Acceleration, Caching & QoS)

Standard connection Remote offices and Home workers into Corporate HQ

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avinci’s unique cloud model via satellite allows for global distribution of data and secure direct access to enterprise resources. daVinci cloud offers both private and public services (co-located with our data centres).

Centralized distribution will bring the following benefits to the enterprise:
  • Security by providing an end-to-end private network, which is inherently secure.
  • Cost-Effectiveness by maintaining a single set of server infrastructure in a centralized location.
  • Enhanced Redundancy through real-time system replication.
  • Reliability and Efficiency -directly connected to one of our data centres (EMEA, Americas, APAC) with minimal latency

daVinci Cloud optimized connection Remote offices and Home workers into Corporate HQ

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Access is available around the world : Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Zurich, Moscow, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong …