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Support & Helpdesk

Did you know?

We provide  24×7 support program that is a subscription-based program designed to provide you with support for critical issues outside standard daVinci Customer Support hours.

What’s Included

When you call the Support office the following actions will be taken based on the classification of the Support Request (SR):

Critical (Urgent): For Support Requests reported during standard Customer Support hours in the region in which the Customer resides and classified as critical, a support representative will log the SR and provide you with a tracking number. Support begins immediately and will be worked on around the clock (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) until the SR is resolved or a workaround found. The response time for critical SR’s is one hour from the time that the call is received.

For SR’s classified as critical reported outside of standard Customer Support hours in the region in which the Customer resides, a 24×7 phone number connects you with a Senior Support representative who will work the SR until it is resolved or a workaround agreed upon. When your regional support center re-opens, the SR will be transferred to the regional support team to continue troubleshooting.

How to Begin

For more information, contact

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Access is available around the world : Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Zurich, Moscow, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong …